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Council will repair bins that have been damaged. Please indicate below which part of the bin requires repair and Council contractor will arrange a time to undertake the necessary repairs.


Council will replace bins that have been stolen or otherwise gone missing. You will be required to make a declaration on the next page that you are currently unaware of the location of the missing bin.

If you have any information about the possible location of the missing bin please provide details in the 'Additional Information' section below. All information will be treated in confidence.

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Your bin will be replaced or repaired on the first business day following your next scheduled collection. Please do not return your bin to your property as the Council contractor will attend to replace or repair your bin.

If your request was received the business day before your next scheduled collection then the repair or replacement will occur the day after your collection the following week.

If the bin is not left out, Council will contact you to arrange another time. Council will only make two attempts to repair or replace a bin before cancelling the request.

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